Freshman Reach

Freshman Reach

Freshman Reach is the first opportunity for freshman students to get involved in the Student Association at Mississippi State University. During the first semester, members of Freshman Reach will be guided through a curriculum based on freshman success, leadership development, and productivity.

Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience in three skills pertinent among student leaders on-campus: policy, programming, and service. After building a diverse foundation, students choose their preferred group, or "pod", between those three in the second semester. Overall, Freshman Reach will give students the opportunity to build personal relationships with other freshman students, be mentored by Student Association leaders, and hear from other student leaders across campus!

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Freshman Reach Pods

Policy Pod 2022
Policy Pod students


The Policy Pod allows members to gain experience researching and formulating ways to improve campus life. Members collaborate to create legislation to be passed through the Student Association Senate and directly impact campus. The Policy Pod gives members the opportunity to create lasting change on campus while growing in personal and professional development skills.

Pod Director

Garrett Knotts


Reach Programming Event: Goat Yoga
Student participating in Goat Yoga, a Reach programming event


The Programming Pod allows members to gain experience planning and conducting events on campus for students. Members get to formulate and execute their own events from start to finish, allowing their creativity to help cultivate positivity on campus. The Programming Pod gives members the opportunity to directly work with students to create events that are both meaningful and exciting.

Pod Director

Sneha Cherukuri


Service photo
Student participate in a service project


The Service Pod allows members to gain experience in formulating and carrying out service-related events both on and off-campus. Members choose causes that are dear to them and give back to them through planning and participating in service events. The Service Pod gives members the opportunity to create a positive impact on both the MSU campus and Starkville community, while gaining experience in conducting philanthropic efforts.

Pod Director

Mont Mitchell


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