Request Appropriations

Request Appropriations

Any student organization on campus (registered as a student organization) can request appropriations. The Student Association allocates a certain amount of funding that student organizations may request. Please follow the instructions below in regards of requesting appropriations.

  1. Log into Cowbell Connect.
  2. Select the page of the organization in which you would like to request funding. (You must be an administrator for this page or have treasury access).
  3. Select "Manage Organization" option to the right and click “Finance”.
  4. Use the drop-down menu in the top right corner to select “Create Budget Request”.
  5. Complete the form and click “Submit” to finish.

The appropriations committee approves requests every two (2) weeks, and you can expect your appropriations to take up to two weeks for approval.

Remember to include as much information and detail as possible when applying for appropriations, and apply early!

All appropriations funds are provided by the Student Activity Fee.


Contact the Student Association Treasurer

Zac Sibbitt |

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