Cabinet Committee

Academic Affairs

Act as key advocate for the academic concerns of MSU students. Advise the SA president regarding campus academics and works closely with faculty and administration to implement academic policies, including but not limited to issues such as teacher evaluations and improving the advising system. Oversee Peer Tutoring and Academic Mentoring program and the Student and Teacher Recognition program. 

Athletic Affairs

Promote all student athletic events and serve as a liaison between the Athletic Department and students. Plan and coordinate sports kickoff events such as Cowbell Yell at Dudy Noble, the Hump, and Davis Wade Stadium. Help to lobby for students’ interests in game day activities and affairs.  Coordinate the distribution of spirit materials with the Athletic Department.  

Community and Governmental Relations 

Serve as a liaison between the community of Starkville and the Student Association by coordinating community service events.  Attend Starkville Board of Aldermen meetings and community-related meetings to represent student interest in local government.  Manage the furthering of students’ relationships with Starkville businesses as well as organize an absentee ballot drive. Work with Center for Student Activities staff in planning Showcase of Starkville.  

Diversity and Outreach 

Serve as representative within the SA for the needs and concerns of minority students, including international students and veterans.  Work with campus units such as Holmes Cultural Diversity Center, Office of Diversity and Equity, and Center for America’s Veterans to develop and implement programs that address concerns with minority student life.  Assist individual students with problems or needs. Plan and run International Student Orientation. 

Environmental Affairs

Serve as a representative for students in matters pertaining to sustainability and the environment. Plan events such as Green Week to demonstrate to students how to become more sustainable.

Freshman Council 

Freshman Council will work closely to implement programs relevant to freshman students and advise the SA President on policy dealing with the first-year experience. Act as liaison between the Student Association and the freshman student body to enhance the freshman experience. 

Freshman Edge

Freshman Edge is where you will learn how to become the best leader through participating in service and leadership development projects. The program’s purpose is to better equip you as a leader with a focus on serving others. Not only will you become a better leader, but you will also develop great friendships with the other Freshman Edge students through team building activities. Edge students will be mentored and have the opportunity to have personal relationships with SA Executive Council leaders, as well as hear from multiple student leaders from across campus. 

Freshman Forum 

Select and lead a small group of freshmen to plan the Dr. Donald Zacharias Leadership Conference for high school students. Through planning this leadership conference, Freshman Forum will foster future leaders for the university. Work closely with Admissions to recruit students to the Dr. Donald Zacharias Leadership Conference and the university at large.  

Graphic Design

Designing graphic material, literature, and advertisements for SA events. Work with Cabinet and Senate members to ensure that graphics, logos, and designs are kept accurate and up to date.  Applicants must have experience with Adobe Creative Suite and photography. 

History and Traditions

Work closely with the Athletic Department to promote a sense of spirit and pride in Mississippi State University.  Manage all aspects of True Maroon campaign, including the selection and design of the tradition for the 2015-2016 year.  Put on Holiday in the Junction, True Maroon Week and The Drill. Promote, document, and publicize facts of Mississippi State University’s notable historic moments and traditions.  Organize the SA Centennial Celebration.  

Health and Wellness 

Represent the needs and concerns of students with disabilities and act as a liaison between the student health advisory committee, MSU’s Environmental Collaborative Office (ECO) and the SA.  Work with the Longest Student Health Center to implement programs that promote knowledge of health issues for students, such as alcohol and drug awareness.  Survey student concerns regarding campus safety and advocate for students’ safety on University committees. Work with the University to make students aware of the Green Initiative and other environmental projects. 

Homecoming and Pageants

Plan and direct series of Homecoming events, including the prayer service, Homecoming Parade, Past Winners’ banquet/reception, and Homecoming Court festivities.  Collaborate with the Homecoming Steering Committee to coordinate all events associated with Homecoming. Assist in planning of Miss Maroon and White and Miss MSU Pageant. Work to incorporate alumni in Homecoming programming. 

Maroon and White Speakers

Work to bring engaging and relevant speakers to Mississippi State University. 

Public Relations 

Works to enhance communication strategies between students and organizations. To implement this, Communications will promote surveys and gain feedback from the general student body. Work directly with the Director of Communications to better publish the Student Association’s goals, initiatives and events. 

Research and Development 

Responsible for the research and development of new initiatives for the Student Association. Work with Executive Council and Special Initiatives to improve and develop the ventures proposed by Cabinet. Continue and advance the premier student open forum event, Campaign4Change. Gather information from counterpart institutions about programs that Cabinet could potentially pursue. 

Special Events 

Run seasonal events such as Halloween Carnival and Spring Fling. Partner with Late Night Events to run Battle of the Bands competition. Serve on University committees for the selection of speakers and speaker’s series. Plan and run Global Lecture Series.  Coordinate with administrators to serve as student representation for selection of the Maroon Edition.