Can I start my own organization?

Yes! Starting a new organization is a quick and easy process. For more information on how to start a new organization, please click here.

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How do I request funding for my student organization?

Any student organization on campus (registered as a student organization) can request appropriations. The Student Association allocates a certain amount of funding that student organizations may request. Please follow the instructions below in regards of requesting appropriations.

  1. Log into OrgSync.
  2. Select the page of the organization in which you would like to request funding. (You must be an administrator for this page or have treasury access)
  3. Click “more” on the top bar menu, then select “Treasury”
  4. Complete the budget request form.
  5. Once complete, select “Submit Form”

The appropriations committee approves requests every two (2) weeks, and you can expect your appropriations to take up to two weeks for approval.

For questions, contact the Student Association Vice President.

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I have a complaint, what do I do?

Please feel free to contact us at any time! Our office is located on the third floor of the Colvard Student Union in Suite 314. If you are unable to reach us during the weekdays, email us.

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How do I get involved with the Student Association?

It’s easy! All students who are registered for at least one semester credit hour at Mississippi State University are members of the Student Association. Between its three branches, the Student Association offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved, gain valuable experience, and make a difference on campus!

If you would like to further discuss a problem or understand legislation passed by the Student Association Senate, meetings are on Tuesday evenings at 6 in Fowlkes Auditorium of the Colvard Student Union.

Various events are held throughout the entire year that are geared toward student involvement and we encourage all students to come and participate.

If you have prudent information in regards to the Executive Staff, please contact the Center for Student Activities to request placement onto the Agenda. Executive Council meetings are held weekly in Union – Suite 314. 

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